Jem BioTech Inc.

Jem Biotech Inc. is an integrated discipline offering a broad range of services in the field of biotechnology and chemistry. Our primary objective is to be your research partner.

Besides our own strength which includes experienced dedicated scientists, technicians and state of the art infrastructure we work with three other research groups and we are one of the major partners of Microtest Innovations, Bangalore, India. We are in the field of biotechnology and chemistry for last 12 years and some of our scientists have well over 30 years of experience.

On clients request we provide a brief resume of the scientists and the technicians in charge of the project and the client can directly communicate with the project coordinator. Everything is strictly confidential.

A Premiere Antibody Company

For confidential biotechnology and chemistry research you can count on, Jem Biotech Inc. aims to be your first and only choice. Jem Biotech Inc. is the premiere antibody company in the Midwestern United States. With our team of experienced scientists, whose expertise covers a broad range of research, development and custom organic synthesis, we make choosing a research firm easy. Our mission is to provide the highest quality research in the fields of taq enzyme and PAP enzyme development, as well as KlentaqS and custom assay for drug discovery companies all over the world. We provide top flight research at a price even small- to mid-sized companies can afford, and we do it on time.

From the moment you contact Jem Biotech Inc., your confidentiality is guaranteed. We‚¨"ve worked with some of the biggest clients in our industry and we are proud of our spotless record when it comes to providing the best quality service with the highest level of confidentiality. We also strive to achieve clear communication pathways between our experienced research scientists and our clients so that there is never any misunderstanding or communication issues at any point. Jem Biotech Inc. is one of the fastest growing research firms in the country, and we look forward to providing the vitally important research your company needs.

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Jem Biotech Inc.
An Antibody Company
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